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Explore our specialized Trade Program!

Scuethyee offers exclusive benefits and premium furniture & fixture products for professionals in the industry.


If you’re an architect, designer, or developer, enjoy a trade program that gives you unparalleled access to source Scuethyee pieces at great prices.

Scuethyee is pleased to offer more affordable discounts and better service to our trading partners.

Our trading partner program is open to interior designers, upholstery designers, architects, as well as real estate agents, developers and other professionals.

Please note that without our express prior written consent, you shall not dispose of the products and/or services purchased from Scuethyee under our trading partner program in a way competitive with or otherwise detrimental to Scuethyee business, including without limitation selling them online like Scuethyee. Your submission of the application indicates your agreement to this.

Welcome to join us! Please contact us for further info.

support@scuethyeespace.com (B2B inquiry)


Our enduring trading partners, with whom we've collaborated extensively, have entrusted our team with numerous projects, cementing our successful partnership.



Cost Efficiency

Working directly with a factory eliminates intermediaries, leading to cost savings. You can negotiate better prices for bulk orders and reduce expenses associated with middlemen.


Direct communication with the factory allows for greater product customization. You can work closely with the manufacturer to tailor products to your specific requirements, ensuring they meet your exact specifications.

Quality Control

Direct involvement in the production process enables better quality control. You can implement and monitor quality measures more effectively, ensuring the final products meet your standards.

Faster Communication

Working directly with a factory shortens communication channels, facilitating quicker decision-making, problem resolution, and prompt responses to changes or updates.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Direct relationships with factories offer greater flexibility in order quantities, production schedules, and design adjustments. This agility is crucial for responding to market trends and customer demands effectively.


Direct collaboration with a factory fosters transparency in the production process. You gain clearer insight into the manufacturing timeline, materials utilized, and overall production practices.

Reduced Lead Times

Eliminating intermediaries reduces lead times in the supply chain, crucial for meeting tight deadlines and swiftly responding to market demands.

Cost Transparency

Direct communication facilitates transparent discussions about production costs, enabling a clearer understanding of the pricing structure and identifying potential cost-saving opportunities.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Direct relationships with factories foster long-term partnerships, leading to better collaboration, improved trust, and a smoother production process over time.

Exclusive Access

Working directly with a factory may provide exclusive access to certain products, technologies, or manufacturing capabilities that may not be readily available through intermediaries.

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