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"Thaddeus" is a name of Aramaic origin, meaning "heart" or "courageous heart." The name conveys qualities of bravery, compassion, and a strong, heartfelt character, which align with the values ​​of dedication and craftsmanship embodied by Thaddeus Furniture. Before achieving a tough and perfect appearance, needs to have a brave heart to withstand thousands of times of forging.
As technology advances, we have noticed that much furniture and many other things are becoming increasingly similar and uniform. So, we began searching for a craft that could create truly unique products. We visited many furniture manufacturers and reviewed extensive materials. We discovered that there is a traditional craft that can achieve this artistry — Hand Forging.

Craftsmen use the ancient art of hand forging to meticulously hammer metal bars, creating vibrant, imperfect organic textures. These imperfections are precisely the perfect designspatterns we seek; the irregular designs represent uniqueness and artistry.
Thaddeus uses Carrara marble sourced from the Carrara region in Italy. This marble features a soft white background with delicate gray veining.

We discovered this marble on our quest for craftsmanship. In Italy, a friend introduced it to me. The more we learned about it, the more we fell in love with this most pristine and pure material from nature. It not only possesses natural heat resistance and hardness but also has unique veining and luster. This one-of-a-kind pattern is exactly what we were looking for.
Thaddeus fabrics are woven from the finest natural high-performance materials, and only the finest leathers are hand-selected for interior decoration.
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